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Get the best Stainless Steel Tableware, Aluminum Cookware, Pet Products, and more from us!

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About Us

Welcome to Bhoori International

Since 1989, Bhoori International began modestly with the confidence that WE CAN AND WILL. Over three decades later, we are among the most prominent Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters of steel kitchenware goods!

Our product line includes Stainless Steel Tableware, Pet Supplies, Aluminum Cookware, Insulated Hot Pots, Storage Wares, And Food Carriers to daily items like bottles!

Since 1989, we have been growing in experience!

It has been a long road from Sunrise Industries, which dealt in a local market, to where we are now. Bhoori International is a global company that provides products to customers worldwide. However, we have learnt, evolved, and improved our reach and products over that period.
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Our Mission

Sustaining oneself is simple; helping the mother earth sustains itself is complex. Our company is here to assist the world get a better product, one at a time, with our eco-friendly, sustainable, and clean product ranges.

Our Research and Development

Our R&D team is constantly developing new manufacturing processes to ensure that our products, such as Stainless Steel Tableware, Aluminum Cookware, And Pet Products, keep up with the current market trends. Because of its size, our warehouse can comfortably accept bulk items.
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