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Our Mission

Our objective is simple! The world is good; business is excellent- let us keep them going and improve both!

Our Quality Assurance 

Our main goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. It may be acquired by delivering high-quality Stainless Steel Tableware, Aluminum Cookware, Pet Products, Insulated Hot Pots, Storage Wares, And Food Carriers regularly, for example. These products are delivered to the quality control department, where our quality inspectors perform a thorough inspection. Our quality inspectors also check the material quality used in the product production.

The following are the parameters that are used to evaluate the quality of our products:

  • Durability
  • Seamless edges
  • Surface finish 
  • Strength

Our History

  • 1989: Sunrise Industries, the forerunner of Bhoori International, was founded in 1989. Our market presence was primarily limited to the local area. Kitchen Utensils, Cutlery, Ladles, Tongs, Woks, Pans, Cutleries, Canisters, Steamers, Stock Pots, etc., were among the items we sold.
  • 2000: In the year 2000, we traveled across India. Sunrise Industries has taken its first important move toward anything significant. We had more resources at our disposal and more experience with which to work. Kitchen equipment and steel kitchenware were still part of our product line.
  • 2007: It is not the biggest, but it is an essential move that Sunrise Industries has taken since its inception. We began selling to stores all around the country. A broad network of family members sold our kitchenware and cooking utensils.

Our Research and Development

Our goal is to diversify into many disciplines of utensil fabrication to provide a new product range such as Aluminum Cookware, Stainless Steel Tableware, Pet Products, etc. for various applications continually.

We deal in international bulk inquires.
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